i want to die like a firefly
a violent smear on a windshield
one final glowing blaze of glory
to let you know
i was

i want to live like a lightning bolt
a terrifying point in time
unbridled burst of brilliant vigor
to let you know
i am

i want to begin like a maelstrom
a tempest to shake the heavens
a harbinger, a prophet, a wayward fortune told
to let you know
i will be


the future ignores me
and that is haunting
i won’t be there, in the future, for very long
maybe fifty more years
and then I’m done
I’m not afraid of dying
but of being ignored
how many billions of people have died?
how many billions more
by the time I’m gone?
and how many of those dead ones do we remember?
fractions. splinters. a dusting.
time won’t remember me
the chances to leave my fingerprints
on the wet cement of life
have come many times
and gone
less than a shadow
less than a whisper
a nothing
a clear, empty, never was
that’s what I’m afraid of
because it cannot be avoided


between clasped hands and heads bowed heavenward
before knees bent on marble floor
and mumbled litany of desperation
echoing amongst the belfry
there is no god to hear
no saints to intercede
no seraphs to take heed

nestled in archaic stoup
blessed water to grace hands
to sprinkle over cherished babes
to banished spirits, darkly wrought
to pave the wave for prophets
there is no god to feel
no saints to offer rest
no seraphs to abide

in ancient wooden relics
carved by anointed hands
in bones of believers young and old
laid to rest in ordained tombs
there is no god to understand
no saints with revelation
no seraphs to appear

behind the final breath
drawn from the bottom of lungs
in the last frightened prayer
flung into the tidal dark
there is no god to pardon
no saints to welcome in
no seraphim to join



In a tense standoff between Group A and Group B
a double-standard was touted as freedom of speech
even as Group A activists sought to silence Group B
in what the former called “a crusade against fascist propaganda”

Authorities responded with what both groups called excessive force
but representatives from Group C applauded the action
and leveled a Twitter campaign against Groups A and B
causing the hashtag “#VitriolicIgnorance” to become
a trending topic within minutes.

The peaceful demonstrations turned violent when the equality
of both groups was threatened by the authorities, acting of course
on behalf of the Establishment. Groups A, B and C protested
this act of inequality, and the resulting penal action further agitated the crowds.

In a press release from Group D, representatives blasted both
the three previous groups and the establishment saying:
“Everything everyone is doing is completely wrong and a lie.”
The group later issued a statement denying the comments
and apologized for any perceived offense.

In other news, space is still our last hope for survival as a race
but no one seems to care, or is more interested in who they can find
in the latest data leak scandal.

In tech news today facebook, Google and Amazon want your soul
and selfies are still a thing

dec. 2015



Fate (I’m told) left a fingerprint on my glasses lens
now I can’t see but it seems to be fine
It’s nice to know She is aware of me
A decent trade- sight for blind faith
I can’t be sure, but it seems to me
that things are going better now
True, I missed the bottom step
and broke my ankle
But Fate (I’m told) works mysteriously
and perhaps the fracture is part of the plan
Impossible to know, but I’d swear my life is easier
for the finger-shaped smudge obscuring my vision
and the Fate (I’m told) that put it there
that makes me break my bones

moving and shaking

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the first pages were full of yeses
unquestioning agreement
faithfully committing
certain truths to memory

the next pages were full of whys
analyzing every line
dutifully trying
to understand what made  this right

the pages now are an open mind
gathering data
denying assumptions
always more information
never quite enough

crystalline searing cuts
blood-letting crushing
glassy fibers lacerate
capillaries rupturing-
blossoming into rosy bruises
ripening into crimson
then falling, spoiled
dripping full of oxygen
over-ready fruit on the ground
blame ever present
useless and trite
apparent and glaring


from our mortal  perspective, grounded on this rock
the universe’s most private secrets
are shrouded in black spheres graced
with brilliant accretion

these bastions of gravity
at which we wonder and are bemused
strike fear into our very bones
for that which we don’t understand

but for all the light that they consume
never giving any back
one must think that just inside
the event horizon is
such light as we can only dream
light of every color
from every corner of the cosmos
brand new light
ancient, old and wizened light
blissfully beaming beyond the black

now consider that when someone is dying
they often describe seeing a bright, white light
and likewise many religions teach of an afterlife
in a place filled with luminance
heaven, paradise, Valhalla

it seems misguided to harbor fear
or mistrust
of a place so welcoming
to bright pieces of stardust.